How to play

Use and to move. V to shoot, C to jump and X to switch weapon.

Characters and obstacles

Player Player (you), ex soldier, half human, half robot. Your mission is to kill all the enemies and survive.

Enemies Enemies and lasers. Eyglow - fast, agile, easy target. Mummy - slow, dangerous and hard to kill. Spider - nonstop crawling cyborg. It shot grenades. Laser - stay away from them.


Weapons MachineGun - shoots fast, low damage. PlasmaGun - shoots plasma, it's fast, causes a lot of damage. DoubleGun - one word: lethal. GrenadeGun - grenade, explosion, death. FlameThrower - close range, very powerful and effective.


Ammo Every gun has its own ammo of course. You can distinguish them by the design and color.

Health To survive you need health. There are 3 types of health: large (adds 50 to your health), medium (adds 25) and small (adds 5).

Doors and jumpads

Doors Keycards To open a door you first need to find the right keycard. You can distinguish them by the design and color.

Jump pads Jump pads are used to jump a lot higher than usual.

How to build levels

HTML5 level editor Select object (tile, enemy, items, ...) you want to draw from the left panel. To draw use left mouse button. To remove objects use right mouse button. If you want to draw multiple object in a row, press and hold mouse button. To move canvas press and hold Ctrl then press and hold left mouse button and move mouse. To zoom in/out use scroll wheel. On the top left corner (green buttons) you will find basic actions (new, open, save, ...). You can also export and download level data in JSON format. This is very useful feature for game developers so they can create levels for their own game.

Under the hood

In short, the engine (all game logic and level editor) is written completely in JavaScript, no download is required. Just load and play. Level data (stored in JSON format in the database) is exchanged thru Ajax calls. Server side is written in PHP. All images and sounds are preloaded from the server before play. The game uses HTML5 features like canvas, Fullscreen API, Pointer Lock API, Audio, ...